Chamber and tube furnaces

Contact: All

  • Chamber furnaces: mainly for preparation
  • Tube furnaces: for electrical measurements up to 1300°C

Manufacturer: Reetz GmbH.

Type: Loba 1200-22-2000-OW

Tmax: 1200°C

Manufacturer: Carbolite

Type: ROF 4/25

Tmax: 1400°C

Manufacturer: Gero

Type: F40-2000/13

Tmax: 1350°C

Mills and device for grinding / polishing

Contact: Karin Stanglauer

  • Planetary mill
  • Vibration mill
  • Device for grinding / polishing

Preparing of powders of desired average particle size or specimens with adjusted thickness and smooth surface.

Equipment: max. 1100 rpm; grinding bowls and grinding ball made of zirconium oxide; centrifugal acceleration up to 95 times the acceleration due to gravity; final fineness down to the nano range


Equipment: Manual grinding and polishing unit , single spindle; thin grinding manual sample holder as well as diamond lapping films up to 1 µm.

Laboratory presses

Contact: Andreas Egger

  • Isostatic press chamber
  • Uniaxiale press chamber

Cold-isostatic pressing gives samples with more uniform densities than uniaxial pressing because the pressurising fluid acts from all sides on the sample. This leads to a reduction of internal stress in the sample and reduces the risk of crack formation during sintering.


Manufacturer: Paul Otto Weber GmbH.

Type: ---

Manufacturer:   Paul Otto Weber GmbH.

Type: PW30


Sputtering and coating devices

Contact: Karin Stanglauer

  • Modular high vacuum coating devices
  • Carbon coater

The sputtering effect is utilized for material treatment, analytical application and purification of materials and samples.


Manufacturer: BAL-TeC

Type: MED 020

Manufacturer: BAL-TeC

Type: SCD 050

Manufacturer: Cressington

Type: 108 Carbon/A


Contact: Andreas Egger

Manufacturer:  WELL

Type: Well 3242


Manufacturer: Bühler Gmbh.

Type: Isomet 1000

Screen printing machine

Contact: Andreas Egger

Manufacturer: Mechatronic Systems

Type: S40