Combustion calorimeter

Hersteller :IKA

Typ: 2000

Fuel cell and electrolysis cell test bench

Contact person(s): Andreas Egger, Edith Bucher

Test Bench for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC), Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells (SOEC) and Reversible Solid Oxide Cells (RSOC)

The test bench including gas supply and impedance spectrometer is used for electrochemical characterization of solid oxide electrochemical cells by means of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and current-voltage characteristics.

Manufacturer: Horiba FuelCon

Type: Evaluator C50-HT


Contact: Edith Bucher

Determination of the thermal expansion coefficient of ionic and mixed ionic-electronic conducting complex oxides as a function of T (up to 1600°C) and pO 2, determination of sinter curves for optimisation of ceramic preparation.
Dilatometer Dilatometer

Manufacturer: Netzsch
Type: DIL 402 PC


Contact: Andreas Egger

Helium-pycnometry is one of the most accurate methods for density measurements. It allows the non-destructive determination of the raw density of powders as well as density of green compacts and sintered bodies.
Helium pycnometer Helium pycnometer

Manufacturer: Quantachrome
Type: Ultrapycnometer 1000

Specification for sample cell:
Inner diameter min/max: 9 mm / 13 mm
Volume min/max: 0.38 cm 3 / 1.7 cm 3



High temperature differential scanning calorimeter

Contact: Wolfgang Preis

For determination of the thermodynamic properties of high-performance materials.


Manufacturer: Netzsch
Type: DSC 404 C Pegasus® with TASC 414/3A controller und PU1 power unit

Frequency analyzer

Contact: Andreas Egger, Wolfgang Preis

Application: Determination of bulk and grain boundary conductivities of electroceramics.

Frequency Analyzer

Manufacturer: Novocontrol
Type: Alpha-A High Precision frequency Analyzer

Particle size analyzer

Contact: Andreas Egger

Designed for fully automatic measurement of particle size distribution of powders in a suspension or particles in emulsions.

Particle size analyzer

Type: 1064 L

Range: 0,04 – 500 µm
Principle: Laserdiffraction

X-ray diffractometer

X-ray diffractometer Bruker D8 Advance (Cu-Kα), Anti-Airscatter and LYNXEYE XE-T detector, ICDD PDF4+ database

Contact: Edith Bucher, Andreas Egger

Structure analysis of solids (powders and polycrystalline layers)

  • verification and identification of crystal structures
  • checking phase purity as well as identification and (semi-)quantification of secondary phases
  • determination of structure parameters (lattice constants, atomic positions) and crystallite sizes using Rietveld refinement

Scanning electron microscope

Contact: Andreas Egger, Patrick Pretschuh

Manufacturer: ZEISS

Type: Cambridge Stereoscan 250 MK3 mit EDX Detektor

Equipment: Computer-controlled SEM with tungsten cathode (LaB6 cathode optional) and triple-lens electron optics with Optibeam beam control for analysis and imaging in high-vacuum and variable-pressure operation up to 400 Pa



Thermobalance coupled with mass spectrometer

Contact: Edith Bucher

Symmetric precision thermobalance (Setaram, TAG 16) with mass spectrometer (Pfeiffer Vacuum, Thermostar GSD 301 T1) for TG-MS at 20-1600°C and 1-100 amu

Applications: Determination of the oxygen nonstoichiometry of complex oxides as a function of temperature and pO 2, stability of SOFC cathode materials in H 2O- und CO 2-containing atmospheres. Various applications in the field of materials sciences.

Measurements for various research projects and industrial partners.

Manufacturer: Setaram
Type: TAG16


UV/VIS Spektrometer

Contact: Edith Bucher, Peter Waldner, Andreas Egger

Determination of the optical absorption and absorption coefficients of liquid samples (range 190-1100 nm). Application: Laboratory courses, measurements for customers

Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer
Type: Lambda 25

Peltier Temperature Programmer
Typ: PTP1