EventParticipantsMeeting PlaceDateInfo
15th Workshop of the Chair of Physical ChemistryAksoy, Berger, Bucher, Buxbaum, Cotter, Egger, Lindenthal, Michalke, Rameshan R., Ruh, Sitte, StanglauerMariapfarr, AustriaJan. 31 - Feb. 2


12th General Assembly of the Austrian Ceramic Society & Workshop “Ceramics in Austria”Aksoy, Bucher, Egger, Nader, SchrenkGraz, AustriaApril 4Homepage
3rd Materials Science Colloquium, 68. Metallkunde-KolloquiumBucherLech am Arlberg, AustriaApril 15-18Homepage

7th International Workshop PPCC2024 - Prospects on Protonic Ceramic Cells

SitteDijon, FranceJune 18-21Abs.: 15.02.24
Reg.: 01.04.24
EFCF2024 - 16th European SOFC & SOE Forum 2024Buxbaum, EggerLucerne, SwitzerlandJuly 2-5Abs.: 30.11.23
Reg.: 31.03.24
24th International Conference on Solid State Ionics (SSI-24)SitteLondon, UKJuly 15-19

Abs.: 22.01.24 (oral)
Abs.: 29.04.24 (poster)
Reg.: 26.02.24

CERAMICS 2024 - 99. Annual Conference of the German Ceramic Society (DKG) Höhr-Grenzhausen, GermanySept. 9-11Abs.: 23.04.24
Reg.: 30.04.24
Austrian Chemistry Days 2024 Graz, AustriaSept. 23-25Abs.: 15.06.24
Reg.: 30.06.24
19th A3PS Conference: Eco-Mobility 2024 - Sustainable Energy Carriers and Innovative Propulsion Systems in a Circular Economy Vienna, AustriaNov. 14-15Abs.: t.b.d.
Reg.: t.b.d.