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Chair of Physical Chemistry


Various instruments for  research  and  education  are used for measuring, preparation and testing.

Other equipment

  • Computer

    • Server IBM x3200 M2 with two mirrored harddisks, each 500Gb disk space. To assure the availability the server is connected to a IBM UPS1500TLV uninterrupted power supply unit. A backup of all data is done 2x per day.
    • Desktop PC's for fixed testing equipment. The power supply is assured (oven, measurement devices, computer) with AEG Protect 1400 USV's
    • Notebooks for portable applications.

  • Control units

    • Eurotherm 24xx bzw. 26xx for temperature controlling.

  • Laboratories

    • Climated laboratory for constant enviromental temperature
    • Other laboratories mit Abzug bei Messungen mit Gasen