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Chair of Physical Chemistry

Chair of Physical Chemistry


The research activities at the Chair of Physical Chemistry, University of Leoben, concentrate on the thermodynamic and kinetic characterisation of micro – and nano-crystalline materials, emphasising solid ionic and mixed ionic-electronic conductors.

A major goal is to gain a better understanding of mass and charge transport with respect to defect chemistry, including interfaces (grain boundaries, electrode / solid electrolyte). These investigations are performed by applying various electrochemical and thermochemical methods, completed by computational modelling.

The research refers to basic problems as well as aspects of application (components for solid oxide fuel cells, sensors, mixed conducting membranes, electroceramics).


Basic education in physical chemistry is offered to students of Metallurgy, Ceramics, Materials Science, Industrial Environmental Protection, and Applied Geosciences in various classes and lab courses.

The aim of these teaching activities is to give a basic knowledge of chemical thermodynamics and kinetics to the graduates of the University of Leoben as well as the scientific co-workers of the Chair of Physical Chemistry which enables them to find and optimise new industrial procedures and processes, respectively.